Our future depends on this

Changing attitudes, new legislation and the increasing realisation that many natural resources are finite means that we are at a turning point in industry. Decision-makers understand that the actions they take in the present will have a profound effect on their future. In Canon, we view our commitment to preserving the environment as a fundamental part of being a good corporate citizen.

We bring environmental awareness into every business area at every stage of technological development, manufacturing and marketing. In our operations, we develop products and processes with minimised environmental impact. And in our corporate activity, we contribute to conservation on a global scale. Since 2001, our environmental performance has been evaluated as part of our overall business performance.

Our environmental management systems are audited and certified by independent bodies, and we have gained the world-renowned ISO 14001 standard in more than 20 factories across the world. We are also holders of the Blue Angel mark in Germany for our copiers.

Canon is a pioneer in recycling. We have been recycling a variety of products for well over a decade, The company now recycles or reuses more than 90% of its products. Our target is to complete changes in our design systems which will make products 100% recyclable by the end of 2002.

In 2002, we established a Global Environment Promotion Headquarters in Canon Inc, Tokyo, to enhance our environmental management structure as well as develop environment­-related businesses.


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Our future depends on this
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