Canon Professional Services’ qualifying products update

CPS has updated its list of qualifying products to include new camera bodies and lenses.

There’s never a good time to discover your equipment is compromised, which is why Canon Professional Services (CPS) is on hand – when the unexpected happens, CPS offers wide-ranging support to keep Canon owners shooting.

From faster servicing times and back-up equipment loans (dependent on membership) to helpline support and express repairs of broken kit, CPS is an invaluable service that gives professionals additional security, peace of mind and ensures you are equipment-ready to do the job, whatever the circumstances.

Are you a CPS member?

If so, it's time to check your kit list because there have been some changes to which products qualify. As CPS memberships under Canon Europe Ltd are based on how many qualifying Canon products you’ve registered, the changes could affect your level of membership.

If you own any of the following cameras or lenses, you can now add them to your kit list – they are now included in the list of qualifying equipment covered by CPS:

  • EOS 2000D
  • EOS 4000D
  • EOS M50
  • Speedlite 470EX-AI

As products come to the end of their serviceable lifetime, CPS can no longer guarantee that repairs will be possible because spare parts go out of supply. Therefore, older products are phased out from the CPS list of serviceable and qualifying products throughout the year.

The following products have now reached this point, and will no longer count towards your CPS membership:

  • EOS-1Ds Mark III
  • XH G1S

The following products will be phased out from 1 June 2018:

  • EOS-1D Mark IV
  • XH A1S
  • EF 135mm f/2.8 SF
  • Speedlite 580EX II

Even though these products will remain in your profile, it won’t be possible for CPS to service or repair them from now on.

When your membership level is recalculated in the new year, these items will no longer contribute to the total calculation of your equipment that determines your level of CPS membership, so you’ll need to update the list with any new kit in its place.

Not a member?

Canon users are able to take out CPS membership at three different photo tiers and one video tier, depending on which products they own. Two qualifying camera bodies and three lenses will gain a photographer access to either Silver or Gold membership, depending on the products, while three bodies and four lenses are required for the top-level Platinum membership. For Video membership, videographers must own just one qualifying Canon professional camcorder.

The higher the level of CPS membership, the faster the turnaround on equipment repairs – five days for Silver and Video, three days for Gold and two days for Platinum.

CPS is a free service that goes the extra mile to ensure Canon shooters can continue to do their job. Members get priority support by phone and email, at major events, a priority repair service and – depending on your level of membership – back-up equipment loans. 


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Canon Professional Services

Members get access to CPS Priority Support, both locally and at major events; a priority Fast Track repair service; and — depending on your level of membership — free back-up equipment loans and return shipping on maintenance. They can also regularly enjoy exclusive members’ offers.

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