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Meet the hosts leading the conversations on Shutter Stories.

  • Ilvy Njiokiktjien


    Ilvy Njiokiktjien

    Documentary photography and Canon Ambassador Ilvy Njiokiktjien brings years of experience in the industry to the conversation, diving into debate and bringing stories to life.

  • Laura El-Tantawy


    Laura El-Tantawy

    Through documentary photography, Canon Ambassador Laura El-Tantawy explores ideas around belonging and identity in ways that are often impressionistic and abstract, and brings this unique view of the world to the show.

  • Lucy Hedges


    Lucy Hedges

    Technology Editor and gadget enthusiast Lucy Hedges has a background in television and an eye on industry trends, keeping listeners informed on the latest in tech and photography and film news.

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  • Alexandra Andreeva стои со EOS R8 од Canon во раце, зад неа има голема дефокусирана зграда.


    Canon EOS R8: green Paris full-frame challenge

    See how the EOS R8 enabled content creator Alexandra Andreeva to step up to full-frame and complete a series of photo and video assignments.

  • Filmmaker Samona Olanipekun wears headphones and points while an actor sits in a chair next to him and two other men stand behind the chair.


    Challenging the status quo

    Meet two exciting young filmmakers who are pushing boundaries with the help of 12 Years A Slave director Sir Steve McQueen's production company, Lammas Park.

  • A mountain biker surrounded by red and blue light trails performs a jump against a dark sky. A Canon EOS R6 Mark II is on a tripod at the side of the dirt track.


    Teddy Morellec's quest to capture perfect mid-air moments

    On an ambitious video and photo assignment where speed and accuracy were of the utmost importance, how did the Canon EOS R6 Mark II fare?

  • An image taken from above of a young girl in a denim dress happily playing on a swing. She is leaning backwards and her eyes are closed.


    Пет предизвици со кои се соочуваат студентите-фотографи

    Истакнати професионалци од целата индустрија разговараат за проблемите со кои се соочуваат денешните млади фотографи и како тие да се надминат.

  • A red rally car fills the frame, dust and dirt from the road billowing up behind it.


    Going off-road with the Canon EOS R3

    Motorsports photographer Vladimir Rys tries out the Canon EOS R3's groundbreaking racing car tracking AF on his first electric rally car shoot.

  • A group of casually dressed young people lie around and in a pool, some on inflatable pink flamingoes. Almost all of them are looking at phones or laptops.


    Jérôme Gence's five documentary tips

    His stories on the impact of new technology have made him a much sought-after documentary photographer. Jérôme Gence offers his best advice.

  • A portrait of a woman with a large afro filled with sunflowers.


    What does body positivity mean for photography?

    With increasing diversity in casting for fashion and beauty shoots, it seems the industry is changing for the better. Two photographers and a plus-size model discuss.

  • Vocalist and songwriter Desta Haile in side profile, surrounded by foliage.


    My first commission – and what it taught me

    Four photographers and a filmmaker reveal what they did to get their first paid commission – and what they'd advise you to do to get yours.


    My toughest wildlife shoot

    Five top wildlife photographers reveal the stories behind their most challenging shoots and how they eventually managed to get the shots they wanted.

  • Filming top wildlife shows with a Canon CN20x50 lens


    Filming top wildlife shows with a Canon CN20x50 lens

    Award-winning wildlife cinematographer Sophie Darlington shares her storytelling tricks and why she couldn't work without a Canon CN20x50 lens.

  • 10 social media tips for photographers


    10 social media tips for photographers

    Three Canon Ambassadors with more than 1m followers between them share their tips for creating innovative and engaging social media content.

  • 1 camera, 2 lenses, 140,000 coastal photos


    1 camera, 2 lenses, 140,000 coastal photos

    Photographer Quintin Lake shares how he maintains momentum on a challenging photo project, walking 10,034km over 413 days so far, come what may...


    Photographers on why self-care matters

    Two professional photographers share their experiences of stress and burnout and share advice for helping your mental wellbeing.

  • filmmaking


    Filmmaking after lockdown: voices from the field

    Filmmakers, DoPs and producers share how the pandemic has impacted their work – and how they see the future of the industry.


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